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Babymoon in Switzerland

We’re thrilled to welcome our first baby (a girl!) in October, but first, we had to have one last big adventure. We’d been saving up credit card points and found some good flights from Atlanta to Zurich, so we booked an 8-day trip and had a wonderful time exploring Switzerland’s beautiful countryside and cities.

Flying into Zurich, such green countryside
We landed in Zurich and bought half-rail passes. These gave us 50% off discounts on all train travel. Before arriving, I’d estimated the cost of all our train trips and it made more sense for us to buy the half-rail pass than to buy a multi-day pass. Here’s Jason catching the train at the Zurich airport to Lucerne.

Our first stop was Lucerne. We booked a modest, affordable, room at Hotel Alpha within walking distance of the downtown area. It was perfect for us. Yes, we had to share a bathroom, but we had a nice quiet room and enjoyed breakfast in their sun-drenched dining room. After dropping off our bags and taking a quick nap (jet lag!), we headed out for an exploratory walk, for a swim and to find some dinner.

Pausing to appreciate Lucerne’s lovely neighborhoods and flowers.

I’d asked the tourist office where we could go swimming and they recommended the public beach called Strandbad. It was perfect! The water was clean and cool and it seemed like all of the locals were there, just enjoying the sunshine.

Beach at Strandbad

Swimming here was probably my favorite part of the trip. It was so refreshing and amazing to see the city of Lucerne and the Alps while bobbing along in the water. We came back a second time the next day.

After our Lake Lucerne swim, we walked along the waterfront back into the downtown area. We passed by this outdoor beer garden and it seemed like a nice place to enjoy the evening.

Lucerne has some famous bridges and we went full-on tourist and stopped to take some pics.

Posing on the Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge).
Waiting for a pizza dinner in Lucerne at a place recommended by the hotel.
Walking through Lucerne after dinner.

On our second day in Lucerne, we took a big adventure up Mt. Pilatus. We rode a cog car up about 7000′ to the top of the mountain, then spent the afternoon hiking around up there.

Made it to the top of Mt. Pilatus in the cog car.

We went on a short hike up on top of Mt. Pilatus

Amazing views of the Alps and surrounding Swiss countryside from on top of Mt. Pilatus
We hiked up to a peak on Mt. Pilatus, then came back down holding onto this rail.

Stopped for a quick rest and to enjoy the view from the trail.

To get back down from Mt. Pilatus, we took a cable car, but first we stopped about halfway down so that Jason could do a luge run. It was so fun to watch! During the summer, the ski lifts haul luges up from about a 2-mile metal luge run.

Aerial view of the luge run that Jason rode down.

Riding back down from Mt. Pilatus in the gondola.

After Lucerne, we took the train to a small town in the Oberland countryside called Lauterbrunnen. It was in a valley surrounded by Alps and we stayed at Hotel Steinbock for three nights, which gave us time to really explore the Alps during the day.

View from the train traveling from Lucerne to Lauterbrunnen.

Once we arrived in Lauterbrunnen, we checked into the hotel and then left our stuff and went for a hike. We took the train from Lauterbrunnen up to a little mountain town called Wengen and then followed a trail up 4 miles to another small town called Wengneralp. From Wengneralp, we took the train back down to Lauterbrunnen.

Enjoying the view in Wengen
Look at the hiking backdrop!
Loved seeing all of the adorned Swiss homes with their big gardens.
We rode these trains up and down the mountains.

On the next day, we took a gondola all the way up to about 10,000′ feet to the top of Schilthorn and to visit the rotating restaurant (featured in James Bond movies) called Piz Gloria.

Stopping en route to Piz Gloria to walk on this glass floor and enjoy the snowy Alps.
Jason walking on the glass catwalk at about 8,000′!
There was a little adventure walk for tourists to do…walk on glass catwalk, climb through this chain tunnel and shimmy across a cable tight rope.
Almost to the top of Schilthorn. View from inside the gondola.
Made it to the rotating restaurant, Piz Gloria, and stopped for a lunch break and also to watch a giant storm roll in and cover the restaurant in clouds.
Since Piz Gloria was featured in a James Bond movie, they had a fun exhibit set up all about the filming process. It was fun to read about flying the actors up to the top via helicopter and how some of the actors couldn’t even ski.

After a few days in the Berner Oberland, we headed toward Zurich where we’d spend a few nights and then fly back to Atlanta. We stayed in a fun little Airbnb in Zurich that was a private cottage in someone’s backyard. It was quiet, just in front of the bus stop and affordable. On our first night in Zurich, we walked around the city and then found this cool restaurant called Frau Gerolds Garden. It was a big beer garden with all buildings built out of shipping containers. Such a fun spot.

Shipping container rooftop dining at Frau Gerolds Garden
Frau Gerolds Garden view from above

On our last night in Switzerland, we met up with one of Jason’s old friends from Austin, Phil. Phil and his girlfriend are from Switzerland and live in Zurich. They showed us some fun local spots and then we had a good dinner of Israeli food.

Jason and Phil

We then left Zurich and flew back to Atlanta with fun memories of hiking in the Alps, swimming in beautiful lakes and strolling through nice neighborhoods.




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