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What to See and Do in Toulouse, France

After hiking in the Pyrenees, I decided I was ready for some more city time and figured Saint Jean Pied de Port would be a good place to stop because it was the last option for a train station for a few days. I didn’t know much about Toulouse, except that it was known for its pink buildings (tinted by ochre used in the stone) and a large student population. La Ville Rose, as it’s nicknamed, was a nice base for a few days of city exploring and a day trip.

How to Get to Toulouse, France via Train

I took a train from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Toulouse. In Saint Jean Pied de Port, I walked to the local train station and asked about times and prices for traveling from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Toulouse via train. I think I remember the trains running a few times per day. The one I took was at about 1:00 pm. I bought my ticket and then walked around some more and came back. I think it was about 30 euros for a one-way ticket.

Where to Stay in Toulouse, France

I rented a cute Toulouse Airbnb studio on Rue Albert Lautman. It had a rooftop terrace and was in the neighborhood popular with University students, but still close to the city center. It also had air conditioning, which was a treat on the hot nights! The owner, Fabrice, greeted me and gave me an overview of the space – didn’t take long because it was only about 200sf.

What to Do in Toulouse, France

I arrived on a Thursday evening and spent Friday walking around the different neighborhoods and strolling along the Garonne River. I’d wanted to take a sunset cruise on a riverboat, but arrived too late and found all seats to be sold out. C’est la vie. 😉 On Saturday, I took a train to Carcassonne for the day. It was a huge medieval fortress and recommended in my guidebook. It was a fantastic spectacle, especially from a distance! I mostly enjoyed walking around the perimeter and the surrounding park, because the interior historic village was packed full of tourists – especially on a Saturday – and vendors. Below are some pics from my visit.

toulouse france architecture
Typical building in Toulouse. Very ornamental.
toulouse corner cafe
Fun cafe on a street corner.
colorful toulouse building
This was in the fancier neighborhood of Toulouse. Nicely colored buildings.
floating cafe river garconne toulouse
Floating cafe on the River Garconne.
park toulouse france
Walking through the park along the river and found a big group of people playing board games and chess. It was part of a summer celebration.
park toulouse france
Relaxing green space along the river.
river toulouse france walking
Evening stroll along the river in Toulouse.
Carcassonne france daytrip
Made it to Carcassonne. Walking through the fortress.
Carcassonne daytrip toulouse france
More Carcassonne passageways.
Carcassonne day trip toulouse france
It was windy and hot at Carcassonne.



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  1. Eleanor, I am so proud of you!! You rock!! And love your wild hair , but especially your spirit and enthusiasm!!! And your bravery!! How you inspire me! And I know others!

    And to think you worked and saved and plotted all on your own, and took a chance. You own it GIRL!


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